Chinese-English Vocabulary Builder: Snow

Chicago just got its first snow last week so I thought I’d use the opportunity to compile a list of “snow” words.

1. 冬天 (dōng ​tiān)- winter
2. 雪 (xuě)- snow
3. 霜 (shuāng)- frost
4. 結冰(jié​ bīng)- to freeze
5. 冰天雪地 (bīng​ tiān ​xuě​ dì)- Literal: Ice Sky Snow Ground. Translation: to be covered with ice and snow
6. 大衣 (dà ​yī)- coat
7. 雪靴(xuě xuē)- snow boots
8. 暴風雪 (bào​ fēng​ xuě)- snowstorm, blizzard
9. 冰暴 (bīng bào)- hail/ice storm
10. 暴虐風饕 (xuě nüè fēng tāo)- Literal: Brutal wind gluttonous. Translation: Strong winds and snow. Used to describe frigid weather.

Until next time, stay warm!



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