Chinese-English Vocabulary Builder: Chinese Idioms

1. 鋌而走險 (tǐng ér zǒu xiǎn)- to take a risk out of desperation; taking a risk as the last resort. 鋌: to walk really fast. 走險: to go in the direction of danger.
例句: 阿拉丁為了填飽肚子,鋌而走險,到處偷取食物。
Example: Desperate to fill his stomach, Aladdin had no choice but to steal, even at the risk of getting caught.

2. 忍俊不禁 (rěn jùn bù jīn)- Cannot help but laugh. 忍: to hold, to restrain. 忍俊: to smile. 不禁: unable to control oneself.
例句: 他說的笑話總讓人忍俊不禁。
Example: His jokes are always so funny people cannot help but laugh.

3. 賠了夫人又折兵 (péi le fū rén yòu zhé bīng)- Used to describe a loss on both fronts; to lose to a bargain. 賠: to suffer a loss, to pay. 折: to lose, a loss.
例句: 她花了一大筆錢加入健身房,希望能夠擁有窈窕身材。但她不但沒用她的健身房會員,體重還連連上升,真是賠了夫人又折兵。
Example: She spent a huge chunk of money to join a gym in hopes of getting the perfect body. However, she didn’t used her gym membership and  continued to gain weight; even though she spent the money, she still didn’t lose the weight as planned.

Happy learning!

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