Feeling Too Comfortable? (Tips for Interpreters.)

It’s human nature to feel complacent after becoming comfortable in a situation. When this happens, the initial drive may fade along with the motivation to improve and exceed expectations. Potentially, this is because you’ve become familiar with the terminology and protocols and no longer feel inadequate or nervous when taking assignments. But in some cases, it may be because you’ve stopped caring as much, which is dangerous.

Source: xdxs.tumblr.com

At the beginning of each new job or new role we’re in, the unfamiliarity and future outlook acts as a reminder that we need to keep pushing ourselves.  We’re often proactive to work on our skills and to expand our knowledge, but slowly, as we become more comfortable, that sense of urgency of picking up new words or perfecting our skills may slow down. Without that initial force, you may realize one day that you’re not trying as hard. This is perfectly normal, but we want to make sure we’re not becoming negligent and letting go. Here are three ways we can remind ourselves to continue to be better.

1. Read. Whether you’re reading blogs, industry publications, or the news, reading will keep you informed about what’s going on and will help you expand your knowledge and vocabulary.  Remember that the more you know, the better you’ll be at your job and the better you’ll serve your clients.

3. Be aware. Continue to be aware of the challenges of the job and make an effort to improve upon them.  Don’t become complacent of your skill level, because there is always room for improvement.

4. Get inspired. Sometimes time can fog up what initially inspired us in a job. Remind yourself every day what makes you  happy in this industry, and approach each assignment with a new set of eyes.

Be better, and as always, happy interpreting!

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