Chinese-English Vocabulary Builder: Positive and Hopeful Words

  1. 夢想 (mèng​ xiǎng)-dreams, aspirations
    Example: 夢想成真 / dream come true
  2. 抱負(bào​ fù)-ambitions, aspirations
    Example: 遠大的抱負 /great aspirations
  3. 理想 (lǐ ​xiǎng)-ideal
    Examples: 理想的工作 / the idea job、理想的生活方式 / ideal lifestyle.
  4. 目標 (mù ​biāo)-goal
    Examples:人生目標 / life goal
  5. 快樂 (kuài ​lè)-happiness
    Examples:什麼可以帶給你最大的快樂? / What can bring you the most happiness?
  6. 憧憬 (chōng​ jǐng)-to look forward to, to aspire
    Examples: 對未來的憧憬 / a longing for the future
  7. 希望 (xī ​wàng)-to hope, to wish for
    Examples: 希望能考上理想的學校。/I hope I can get into my ideal school.
  8. 渴望 (kě​ wàng)-to long for, to desire
    Examples: 她渴望得到他的認同 。/ She longs for his acceptance.
  9. 努力 (nǔ​ lì)-to work hard
    Examples: 再努力一點吧。/Let’s try harder.
  10. 加油 (jiā​ yóu)-a phrase used to cheer someone on
    Example: 明天考試加油喔!/Good luck on the test tomorrow!
  11. 勤奮 (qín ​fèn)-diligent, hardworking.
    Examples: 老闆喜歡勤奮的員工。/ The employer appreciates diligent workers.
  12.  (qín ​kuài)-diligent, hardworking.
    Examples: 他做事勤快。 / He’s a hard worker.
  13. 再接再厲 (zài​ jiē ​zài ​lì)-To persevere. Used to encourage people to keep at something despite difficulties.
    Examples: 再接再厲! 下次一定會成功的。/ Persevere! You’ll get it next time.