Let’s admit it.  It happens. Even when we plan ahead, not everything goes as planned. To roll the way a professional interpret should though, we still need to make every effort to be on time. One important trick to ensure timeliness is to have everything you need ready the evening before so you don’t waste […]

Recently, I interpreted  on a call between a bank and an LEP (limited English proficient).  I noticed during the caller verification process that the information provided may not be the caller’s—-while the caller was a male, the Chinese name he gave sounded like a female’s name.  I knew the representative would have no way of knowing […]

Besides not being able to see the people on the other line, there are other challenges to managing a phone interpreting session. I’ve listed some challenges I could think of below. These challenges can make the session stressful, tiring, and even frustrating, but at any given moment, the trick to handling these is to remind […]

We’ve all run across a situation where we’re tempted to screen a dialogue during an interpreting assignment, whether it’s by omitting information that appears irrelevant and superfluous, or by adding information for further clarity. Before you do so though, remember your role as an interpreter and that it is not your place to decide what […]

It’s human nature to feel complacent after becoming comfortable in a situation. When this happens, the initial drive may fade along with the motivation to improve and exceed expectations. Potentially, this is because you’ve become familiar with the terminology and protocols and no longer feel inadequate or nervous when taking assignments. But in some cases, […]

As an interpreter, you need to retain a lot of vocabulary and have knowledge of a wide range of topics. While the endeavor to understand all the tiny details to every medical procedure and disease, every legal ruling, or financial technicality is admirable, it’s better to first retain the equivalent of the words in your […]

Sometimes you think you know better. You hear and understand what’s going on, but when messages are transmitted between the source and target languages, the receiver doesn’t always understand the message. When questions are asked, you may want to answer them since you already know the answers, but guess what, you can’t. Whether the misunderstanding […]

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